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Cars, More Cars & Motocycles

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Cars, More Cars & Motocycles Cars, More Cars & Motorcycles
Turbine field engineers are typically nuts about their favorite modes of transportation. Some are even "lug nuts," you might say.
Cars, More Cars & Motocycles Upload Your Cars & Motorcycles
We want your personal cars, trucks, motorcycles, race cars, hobby vehicles, etc. Scan them as low resolution JPEG.
Cars, More Cars & Motocycles 1951 Rover Jet 1 Gas Turbine Car
In 1951, the Rover company experimented with a gas turbine-driven roadster. It was a simple cycle machine (non-regernative cycle) and thus suffered for its gas mileage. Later models used a heat exchanger to recover the exhaust heat to pre-heat the gases going into the combustor. This concept improved mileage considerably.
Cars, More Cars & Motocycles 1950s Era Gas Turbine Cars
Rover company experimented with gas turbine-driven cars in the 1950s and 1960s.
Cars, More Cars & Motocycles 1950 MGTD Racer (Hogwarts Special) - Dave Lucier
Based on our research, this car was built at the MG factory in December, 1950. It is "eroneously" registered as a 1951 in NY State. It is raced as a '50 MGTD, super charged to qualify for special exemptions. Its maiden race was on September 11, 2004. It won its first race, beating 11 other cars in its class. Yes, 9/11 will be a day we'll always remember, but this time for positive reasons.
Cars, More Cars & Motocycles 1959 Plymouth Gas Turbine Cars
Chrysler experimented with a gas turbine sedan in the late 1950s.
Cars, More Cars & Motocycles 1964 Rover BRM Lemans Gas Turbine Car
The Rover BRM was raced this car successfully at Le Mans in 1964 (simple cycle). It ran respectably. This introduced many possiblities that later improved with a regenerative racer in 1965. A video of the races can be purchased from a supplier in England. We have a copy at our PAL-Amsterdam facility.
Cars, More Cars & Motocycles 1967 INDY Gas Turbine Car
This 1967 Studebaker STP Special was built by Andy Granatelli. The side engine racer was driven by Parnelli Jones. In the 200 mile race at The Brickyard, Car #40 lead 171 laps. On the 197th lap, it suffered a gear box failure (minor part) and eventually finished sixth. What might have been the impact on automobiles had the gas turbine-driven car actually won the race? You can see the racer in the museum in Indianapolis. The next year, "the powers that be" changed the rules to make the use of the gas turbine untenable in INDY car racing. Photos by Bill Fish.
Cars, More Cars & Motocycles Funny Cars
Up load your funniest car photos here. I'm sure you have them tucked away in folders.
Cars, More Cars & Motocycles PAL-sponsored MG Race Cars
Cars, More Cars & Motocycles Vintage MG Car Racing
Cars, More Cars & Motocycles Motorcycles Too!
FEP guys like Motorcycles too.
Cars, More Cars & Motocycles Hogwarts Special
1950 Supercharged MGTD racer owned by Dave Lucier and driven by Kim Graff in its maiden race on 9/11/04. Kim won that race, beating 11 other cars in the "T Class" at Watkins Glen.
Cars, More Cars & Motocycles Lucas, Prince of Darkness
Joseph Lucas (1834 - 1903) was dubbed the Prince of Darkness. His motto: "A Gentleman does not motor about after dark."
Cars, More Cars & Motocycles WrenchVideo
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