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Field Engineer's Tools - Remember these?

Posted by dlucier at Friday, Dec-31-2004 06:59 AM
1. Did you take your slide rule that you used in college on your first field engineering assignment?

2. Did you get issued a Simpson 260 A-V-O meter by I&SE or GETSCO? This was long before DVM like a Fluke 8086.

3. Did you use a reed tachometer to measure turbine speed? Did you use it to check turbine overspeed?

4. Did you ever use a hand-held vibration meter like a IRD- 210? Or perhaps a IRD-320 that had a tuneable filter and switch to select mils or inches/sec?

5. Do you remember how many threads to the inch micrometers have? How many mils does the spindle travel outward for a one revolution?

6. Ever own a Starrett "Last Word" dial indicator? They came in a red box. What town in Massachusetts are Starrett tools (still) manufactured?

7. What did "closed end overtravel" mean in valve stroke calibrations? Which direction does a dial indicator turn when you push it into the body of the device? CW or CCW?

Answers to Tool Questions:

Posted by dlucier at Monday, Feb-20-2006 04:45 AM
L. S. Starett Company (family owned still) is based in Athol, Mass.

This is Dave Lucier's home town. Pronouned: ATH-all, to locals. Outsiders say it is pronounced ASS-hole (pronounced Ath-hole, with a lisp). Usually results in a FIGHT with locals.

Incidently, one of the Startett gradnsons (Charles) became a Hollywood film star. He was known as the Durango Kid. He starred in a lot of B westerns in the 1950s.

Closed End Overtravel (COT) is an adjustment used to provide a positive closing force on a valve(s)when the hydraulic pressure was off.

Ome revolution of a michrometer travels .025 inches, 25 mils. A mike as 40 threads per inch, of course.

A dial indicator turns clockwise (you Digital Dopes) wnen it travels inward.
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