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*Thirty-six Celebrate 40th Anniversary of FEP*

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The 40th FEP Anniversary Party was celebrated on Saturday, July 8, 2006 near Amsterdam, NY. Twenty-eight FEP grads and FEDC staff employees (present and past) associated with technical training attended! Some still work for GE at the training center. NOTE: Of course, this reunion was NOT sponsored, nor sanctioned, by General Electric (Are you surprised?). It was fun!

The Turbine Cowboy Roundup honored the career of field engineering and those who made it possible. Conceived in 1966 by then GE Vice President and General Manager, Charles "Tip" Thomas, the FEP has graduated approximately 2000 field engineers and representatives over these 40 years. Managers like Joe Markey, Bob Hody, Phil May and Joe Carr made the programs successful and FEDC facility function successfully in the early years. Markey and May attended the reunion. Carr sent his regrets from Maine.

28 FEP buddies reunited for a few laughs and lies. Some dared to bring their spouses, children, grandchildren and partners. The mechanical lab crew from the 1970s was reunited. See name list below.

31 FEP sent email regrets that they could not attend. Dennis Ledbetter, the original Turbine Cowboy, was one who sent regrets. Emails were posted for everyone to read.

Dennis Landers sent a personal portrait called (Field Engineer on a Stick). It was stuck in the ground outside the 1850s school house!

The weather was perfect!

The four favorite words of field engineers were acknowledged: FREE FOOD AND BEER!

No expense accounts or receipts were required! Those on per diem got a FREEBEE and can pocket the money!

No long-winded speeches were given. We were all thankful for that!

No SIX SIGMA reports were required (or is that SICK STIGMA?). After all, this was not GE sanctioned!

Sponsors: Dave Lucier & Charlie Pond

Cooks & Set-up Crew: Many thanks to Kim Graff, Skip Beck, Dave Graff & Corey Graff.

Where held? Amsterdam, NY, 25 miles west of Schenectady GE Main Plant.

When? Saturday, July 8th, 2006

Fixin's: Burgers, hot dogs, chicke and deserts cooked on the open fire and grills. This was truly *Turbine Cowboy style of cooking. Andy Tomko brought some salads and other goodies and we thank him.

Drinks: Cold beer (FREE, of course) and soft drinks.

Entertainment: We all told many Tall Tales and Outright Lies. Also, most of us tried to suck in our guts and cover up the balding spots on top of our heads.

Other Happenings Everyone wandered around and checked out all the antique British Roadsters, up close and personal. Triumphs, MG's, Austin Healeys. There was even a 1965 Mustang under restoration.

Several cars from the PAL Engineering sponsored MG racing fleet were on display.

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The 40th FEP Reunion - Turbine Cowboy Round-up Attendees

Posted by dlucier at Thursday, Aug-03-2006 07:46 AM
FEP Reunion Attendees

1. Dave Lucier
2. Charles Pond
3. Denise Palumbo & partner
4. Paul Matula
5. Gary Palladino
6. Frank Scovello
7. Joe Markey - Mechanical & Nuclear Manager for FEP for 20 years.
8. Phil May and son (traveled from Texas) - Electrical & Electronic Manager of FEP for 10 years
9. Walter Wintergerst - One of the original instructors
10. Peter Morley
11. Al Shuman
12. Ron Rubrecht (flew from Florida)
13. Ernesto Colón (flew from Florida)
14. Andy Tomko - (Unsolicited Food Award)
16. John Mitchell & spouse & grandson
17. Ben Rush
18. Robin Ashley
19. Mark Cohen
20. Phil Dupin
21. Tom Koontz
22. Lincoln Blackburn-Bartholomew - Longest Name Award!
23. Ron Halpern
24. Tom Samuelson
25. Tim Ralston (flew from St. Croix, USVI) - Longest Distance Award!
26. Chris Terajewicz and son
27. Rick McConnell & wife
28. Dennis Landers (Field Engineer on a Stick) - Inabsentia Award

PAL Staff Helpers and Cooks. ATTA-BOYS for a Great Job Done!

1. Kim Graff
2. Skip Beck
3. Dave Graff (Kim's bother)
4. Corey Graff (Kim's son)

An Unofficial FEP Reunion at the 7EA Users Meeting

Posted by dlucier at Friday, Apr-20-2007 04:54 AM
At the recent gas turbine 7EA Users conference (October 2006) in San Diego, this qualified as an FEP reunion.

The conference was organized by Mike Hoy (FEP-1980). One of the speakers was Charlie Pond (FEP-1978) of Pond and Lucier Engineering. Dave Lucier (FEP-1966), FEP manager when all the other guys were "alledgedly trained," was there to keep Charlie honest.

In the audience were Dave Cupo of GE (FEP-1977) and Kelly McGrath of Suez (FEP-1977). At the vender fair, Paddy Nolan (FEP-1980) and Larry O'toole (E&D FEP circa 1980), both of Innovative Control Systems (ICS). Peter Leussen of GE (FEP-year?)also happened by the PAL booth. Neil Adamson (FEP-1978) of PAL Engineering came by later the next day.

Can you imagine the war stories from that crowd?

Be Aware of What you Sign When You're Drunk!

Posted by dlucier at Tuesday, Jan-29-2008 12:58 PM
Be Careful What You Sign When You're Drunk! Posted by dlucier at Tuesday, Jan-29-2008 01:29 PM
30 years ago, two staff members at the FEDC (call them Joe and Tom to protect their identity) were out at a bar getting hammered as usual. Tom, in a drunken stupor said, "Joe, if live to be 30 I will kiss your ass!" Joe pulled out a bar napkin and wrote up the contract.

Tom signed it.

So, after not seeing each other for almost 30 year, Joe carefully unfolds the sacred bar napkin which stated. "I, Tom ________, being of sound mind, promise to kiss Joe's **ASS** if I live past 30 years of age." Signed Tom ____________.

Joe said, "OK, Tom I am here to COLLECT!"

Field engineers spend alot of time in bars and writing on bar napkins. Often they are trying to impress women. When a babe asks you what you do for a living (sizing you up as a potential husband, no doubt), you are inclined to use a bar napkin to explain.

So there is an old saying in field engineering: "If you can't explain how a gas turbine works on a bar napkin.... you don't know shit about turbines!"
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