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Gas Turbine Technology

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Gas Turbines have been around since the end of World War II. Cross-bred from aeroderivative technology of the jet engines, first introduced at end of the war, with the tried and true evolution of steam turbine generation, the combusiton (gas) turbine was applied to power generation in 1949 at Oklahoma G&E. GE pioneered this method of power production.
Gas Turbine Technology Sir Frank Whittle, Inventer
Sir Frank Whittle, a British WWII aviator, is credited with the invention fo the gas turbine engine. See photo of
Gas Turbine Technology Rutland on the Leading Edge
First major gas turbine installation of three frame 3 gas turbines that were intercooled, regenerative cycle rated at 5000 KW.
Gas Turbine Technology The Saga of the Gas Turbine Business
Whit Ridgeway recollects how the gas turbine business became a reality in the 1960s.
Gas Turbine Technology MS7001-Isometric GT Only.JPG
Gas Turbine Technology MS6001B Gas Turbine
Colored cross-sectional drawing of MS6001B gas turbine
Gas Turbine Technology Generator & Reduction Gear
Colored cross-setional drawing of a generator & reduction gear.
Gas Turbine Technology MS5001 Gas Turbine
Typical MS5001 gas turbine and accessory base
Gas Turbine Technology First MS6001B in 1978
GE installed the first MS6001B in the parking lot at GE Schenectady in 1978. It was called the SPOTS unit: Schenectady Plant Outside Test Site. Once the turbine was sold, the control cab was moved to the FEDC in Niskayuna.
Gas Turbine Technology GE Gas Turbine Installation Base (1998)
GE has gas turbines installed throughout the USA.
Gas Turbine Technology Gas Fuel System Schematic
Gas Turbine Technology Album of Fuel Regulator Fotos (GE Gas Turbine installed circa 1951)
Various views of Young & Franklin fuel regulator S/N 49 installad on gas turbine in 1951 at CVPS in Rutland, VT.
Gas Turbine Technology Power Generation and Transmission in USA
Map depictes the concentration of power generation and transmission lines in the USA. Notice the greatest density of generation (by darker shaded areas) are California, southern states from Texas to Florida and the northern areas from Chicago to the east including Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and NY City.
Gas Turbine Technology Gas Pipelines in the USA
Gas pipelines emanate primarily from Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma and then flow northeastward toward Chicago, Detroit, New York and the east coast. A few lines come from Alaska across Canada into the north-central USA.
Gas Turbine Technology The 10 Commandments of Gas Turbine Technology
As depicted in the Mel Brooks movie "History of the World - Part 1," there were originally twenty (20) commandments, until Moses dropped one of the slates on his decent from Mount Sinai. The remaining ten were brought down from the Mountain by Dave Lucier (FEP-1968) and transcribed for posterity by the hand of Alfred Shuman (FEP-1971). In their original transcription, they were written in ancient caligraphy with a Jewish pen handed down through the ages by the sons of Israelites. You may have a coveted copy or seen one hanging on the walls of gas turbine operators or in the classroom of the FEDC.
Gas Turbine Technology Gas Turbine Maintenance Seminars
Instructors for Maintenance Seminars circa 1969 and 1970.
Gas Turbine Technology Fuel Regulator Experts
The photos include recognized experts in the manufacturing and operation of Fuel Regulators made by Young & Franklin
Gas Turbine Technology Sixty Years of Gas Turbine Technology
In 1949, the first land-based GE gas turbine was installed at Belle Station at Oklahoma Gas & Electric. Upon retirement, this unit was returned to GE at the Schenectady, NY plant where it sits outside for viewing.
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