Gas Turbine Engineering Services

PAL Turbine Services, LLC has provided technical advisory (TA) services since 1999 on all GE model series

  • MS3002G through J Compressor Drives
  • MS5001D through P – Black Start Package Power Plants
  • MS5002B-C - Compressor Drives
  • MS 6001B - Combined-cycle Plants
  • MS 7001B – EA & FA - Simple and Combined Cycle Plants
  • MS 9001E - FA - Generator Drives for overseas clients

For over a decade PAL has provided TA services for:

  • Mechanical outages
  • Borescope inspections
  • Maintenance planning
  • Bid specification preparation
  • Expert witness in litigations

Controls services include:

  • ALL marks of Speedtronic™ controls (Mark I though VI & DLN tuning)
  • Plant start-up after outages.

DID YOU KNOW that for over 60 years gas turbine generators have provided emergency and peaking power to consumers in the United States and around the world?

Since the Northeast Blackout in 1965, GE has produced and installed frame-size package power plants in electric utilities, oil refineries and process plants.

DID YOU KNOW you can get technical assistance from our new Turbine On-line Problem Solving (TOPS) service? Clients from Alaska, California, Texas and even Malaysia have connected into chat rooms set up by PAL, to reconcile problems with their gas, steam or wind turbines. Once registered and establishing a payment method, clients have spoken "on line" with experts to solve their problems. Photos, videos and PDF files can be "uploaded" for viewing and discussion with experts and the on-site parties with the problem. Clients with internet capabilities, as well as headsets with microphones, can communicate with experts in the USA. The service can accommodate engineers and clients at several locations as well.

Get High Level Support with PAL'S Turbine Online Problem Solving

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