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Cheech and Chong at the FEDC

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Remember the old Cheech and Chong routine? "It's Dave, man, let me in."

One of the famous comedy team had just made a drug run. The other remained at the nest. When the courier returned to the hideout with a new stash, he knocked on the door. "Let me in, man, it's Dave?" His partner on the inside always responded: "Dave? No he ain't here." Of course, the inside guy was also stoned.

At the FEDC in the early 1980s, we had so many Daves on the training staff, we had to start going by our middle names: Willy (Dave Smith), Wally (Dave Lucier), Howie (Dave Nilsen), Clyde (Dave Couse) and Francis (Dave Goodness, from the E&E; staff). Thus we had Willy, Wally, Howie, Clide & Francis.

Our response to the Cheech & Chong routine would have been: "Yeah, man, they're all here. Which one do you want?"

Listen to the original by Cheech & Chong (sent in by Robin Ashley)

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