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One field engineer's brush with sexual temptation while working the night shift.

Field engineer (let's call him Pete) was working the night shift on a gas turbine overhaul in Prior, Oklahoma. At midnight, the plant manager passed through the break room and found Pete obviously perplexed. The plant manager asked, "Hey, what’s up, man? What’s bothering you?" Perhaps there was a problem with the turbine, he thought.

Pete replied, "There is something fishy going on at this plant."

The manager asked, "What do you mean?"

Pete returned, "There was a worker in the break room a while ago with a young girl in his lap. They were hugging and kissing. Then they disappeared together!"

The Plant Manager exclaimed: "WOW!"

He thought about it a momeent and asked Pete, "Was she real skinny?"

"Yup," he replied, always a man of few words.

The manager continued, "Did she have blonde hair?"

"Yup," Pete responded in deep thought.

"Was her hair pulled back really tight?"

Pete said. "Yeah, it was."

"Did she have four ear rings in her right ear? And black lip stick?" (He continued to describe the girl to a tee.)

Pete pondered this for a few minutes and then seemed to figure all it out.

"I know what was going on," Pete exclaimed, "She was a hooker!"

The plant manager smiled coyly. "No, that was my daughter."

Pete cringed, choked on the size 10 steel-toed safety boot now in his mouth and tried to slither under the table.

This is a true story submitted by Charlie Pond (FEP-1978), a good friend of the plant manager.

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