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Field Engineering Humor

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If you are an FEP graduate, you have likely drunk a few beers and told a few stories about your field career. We’d like to read of your escapades (the PG-17 version, please!). See the examples herein to get the flavor of what we want. Tell us about your funniest job, craziest experience or weirdest job location.
Field Engineering Humor (Field) Engineer Humor
Anybody married to a (field) engineer will understand these! (Apologies to the original jokester for inserting "field" throughout the following)
Field Engineering Humor Gas Production
Useful tools for the Field Engineer.
Field Engineering Humor Texas Chili Contest
Nothing is more competitive in Texas than football on Friday nights. Nothing, except a chili contest, that is.
Field Engineering Humor The Correct Definition
What is the correct meaning?
Field Engineering Humor Cheech and Chong at the FEDC
Remember the old Cheech and Chong routine? "It's Dave, man, let me in."
Field Engineering Humor Dennis Ledbetter's Next Album
Album dedicated to turbine engineers (and their wives, girlfriends or both).
Field Engineering Humor A Real Poker Player
Field Engineers often become good card players. They can read your "hand" by the look on your face. They learn to bluff, when necessary. Ask Robin Ashley (FEP-1980)
Field Engineering Humor SEX ON THE NIGHT SHIFT
One field engineer's brush with sexual temptation while working the night shift.
Field Engineering Humor Why we teach Rigging 101
And you think you had a bad day?
Field Engineering Humor Ladder Safety 101 (and some other issues)
Field engineers sometimes have to lift and move things. Fork Lift trucks and ladders are sometimes employed. Of course, we are sometimes expected to work in hazardous (that is, less than ideal environments). Here are a few examples of what FEP grads should NOT do. Don't laugh!
Field Engineering Humor Doctors Like Field Engineers Best!
Why doctors love field Engineers.
Field Engineering Humor Testing at the FEP
Charlie Pond (FEP Instructor, 1980-85) recollections about testing.
Field Engineering Humor Sex in the Field
Close Encounters of the Sexual Kind!
Field Engineering Humor A Lesson in Japanese
You Nippon-o-philes will get a kick out of this.
Field Engineering Humor Who the hell designed this thing?
GETSCO and I&SE projects often went this way! Robin Ashley (FEP-1980) came up with this latest version of the same old story!
Field Engineering Humor Cindy Crawford
TA & Cindy marooned....
Field Engineering Humor Special Bolting
Joe Byrd (FEP-1978) found these in a properitary master parts list. He's sure that every field engineer has used these kind of fasteners on some job in their careers.
Field Engineering Humor The Blame Game!
Ever notice how no good deed goes unpunished?
Field Engineering Humor Scrotum Scrub
Field engineering is a dirty business, not unlike that of an auto mechanic. Maybe this product will help you "scrub up" after a day on the turbine deck. Rob Sigond (FEP-1978) highly recommends the product.
Field Engineering Humor Would Bill Lynn (FEP-1968) ever jump from an airlplane like this?
Bill Lynn (FEP-1968) was famous for his sky-diving skills. He was a free-fall expert with hundreds of jumps. Wonder if he ever jumped this way?
Field Engineering Humor Women: How they Function!
Field engineers can figure out how turbines and generators work. Women? That's different!
Field Engineering Humor How women and men shower!
Ever notice how different men and women are? Of course, every field engineer has been perplexed by the gender differences. Take showering, for instance.
Field Engineering Humor Using an ATM at the Bank
Ever notice the difference between men and women and how they each use a drive-up ATM machine?
Field Engineering Humor Engineers have the knack!
Those who choose engineering as a major and especially those who choose a career in field work, will appreciate this little ditty!
Field Engineering Humor The Story of the Middle Finger
Everyone knows what the giving the finger is all about. However, did you ever know the origin of the gesture. Read on
Field Engineering Humor The Retro-Encabulator by Rockwell Automation
This product replaces the Turbo-Encabulator invented in the 1940s by GE. Unless guys working for The General infringed on upon a patented product and claimed it for their own. It seems someone at GE put a spec sheet on the product, as if it really existed. I recall a comment about this so-called product which claimed "there is no known orth effect." What ever that means. Bob Balsbaugh (FEP-1978) did a Google search and found the truth of the origin of the Turbo-Encabulator. Go to for the real truth. Those GE guys should be ashamed if they infringed upon someone else's idea. -- Dave Lucier -- Dave Lucier
Field Engineering Humor Ever work in West Virginia? Intermarriage is commonplace.
You likely heard this song or met some of these characters if you ever worked in West Virginia or some counties in Kentucky.
Field Engineering Humor The Many Jobs of Phil Dupin
Phil Dupin (FEP - mid 70s) submitted this chuckle. Knowing Phil, he probably did have this many jobs.
Field Engineering Humor What is a Field Engineer?
Submitted by Robin Ashley
Field Engineering Humor Going to Europe? No South America!
Field engineeers don't know where you are going until you arrive. They don't know how long the job will be until they have left. And they don't know when they'll be back home until they've been there for a week!
Field Engineering Humor Signs of the Times (Seen by Field Engineers in their travels)
Field engineers see a lot of signs in their travels. Check these out!
Field Engineering Humor More Funny Signs!
Funny signs seen by field engineers in their travels.
Field Engineering Humor Rules For Old Folks
Many of us "Old Folks" (those over 40, WAY over 40 or hovering near 40) are quite confused about how we should present ourselves. According to Al Shuman (FEP-1971)
Field Engineering Humor Old Field Engineer Shopping for Jewelry
An old field engineer shops for jewelry for a vivacious young girlfriend.
Field Engineering Humor The Very First Field Engineer
Who invented the wheel and what was his first "field" application?
Field Engineering Humor The Jet Powered Beer Cooler
This is a toy that every field engineer should have. It rivals the stills you built on GETSCO assignments in the Middle East.
Field Engineering Humor Is your beer temperature correct?
Determining if the temperature is correct is vital to field engineers. We need to have our beer cooled to just the RIGHT temperature before we consume it. Dips and chips will not taste right if the beer is off by as much as .1 degrees F.
Field Engineering Humor Pick your Mother-in-Law as carefully as you pick your wife!
What might happen if you married a gal from Venezuela. Suppose she went off to Caracas for some additional schooling and you had to hire a woman to cook and clean your house. Should this happen, we don't suggest you invite your mother-in-law over for dinner.
Field Engineering Humor Observations (field engineers will appreciate)
Words of wisdom from some keen observers.
Field Engineering Humor Proof of Global Warming!
Do you believe in the phenomenon known as "global warming?" Perhaps you've seen Al Gore's movie calle "An Inconvenient Truth." This photo should convince you of its veracity.
Field Engineering Humor Low Level Alarm: No Donuts!
Thought you might like to see this. 'Tis pretty serious. Harold Parker Director - Engineering HPC Technical Services 500 Tallevast Road - Suite 101 Sarasota FL 34243 USA Phone: 941-747-7733, ext. 120 Fax: 941-746-5374 Cell: 941-730-9882
Field Engineering Humor Engineers Making Choices - so says Sara
Sometimes engineers are forced to make choices.
Field Engineering Humor Crazy Life in Venezuela
Hay que disfrutar la vida loca!
Field Engineering Humor Dave Smith's Bachelor Song
Created by Charlie Pond and Peter Runyon, staff instructors at the FEDC, prior to Dave Smith's marriage to Denise.
Field Engineering Humor Three Clever Field Engineers
Three field engineers and three MBA accountants are traveling to a conference.
Field Engineering Humor Field Engineers who become Golfers
Field engineers sometimes retire. Often they take up a game called GOLF. That's FLOG spelled backwards. If they've never FLOGGED a ball before, they might be inclined to take lessons. Watch this video and it might save you some money it the game also known as "pasture pool."
Field Engineering Humor Dilbert will become an Engineer!
Field engineers have been known to have "the knack." The ability to fix all things mechanical or electrical. Sort of a McGyver complex.
Field Engineering Humor Field Engineers from Texas are known to BRAG!
Ever met a field engineer from Texas who wasn't bragging? He must have been a mute!
Field Engineering Humor Hungry in Germany or is it Hungary?
Field Engineers have appetites, but this is outrageous!
Field Engineering Humor So that's what a wrench is used for!
Mark Cohen teaches an Arab to use a wrench! Of course, he is wearing a OSHA-certified hard hat and safety glasses. We want to know if Mark taught him "right-tighty, lefty-loosey" when it comes to the uses of the wrench?
Field Engineering Humor New and Improved Japanese Wrench
The Japanese take an American invention (the adjustable wrench) and make improvements.
Field Engineering Humor Old Timer's Bar - Drinks for a Dime!
Ever get turned down for a raise from your service manager? Wonder why?
Field Engineering Humor Today's the Day (when my wife met my girlfriend)
A field engineer wonders: "What would happen if my wife actually met my girlfriend." Dennis Ledbetter, the original Turbine Cowboy, might have written this song.
Field Engineering Humor A Field Engineer has "designs" for Christmas
What if a field engineer was asked to plan and design a Christmas Party? This might be the result.
Field Engineering Humor GE Sexual Harassment Training
GE came out with a sexual harassment training during the 1950s. decades ahead of other multi-national companies. Perhaps you have had to sit through this video.
Field Engineering Humor No translation required
You don't need to speak Spanish to understand this brief video.
Field Engineering Humor Field Engineering Invention
Field engineers often have too much time on their hands. Working in the desert camps, for instance, GETSCO field engineers always build a still to make sedeke or perhaps to brew some beer. Once done, they have nothing else to do but drink their products and think of another thing to invent. Thus, we have a fetch toy for their adopted dogs.
Field Engineering Humor This Italian Knows What He Wants
Perhaps you've met this Italian gentleman in your travels.
Field Engineering Humor Rube Goldberg and Field Engineers Would Love This!
Any field engineers who has rebuilt a turbine and found "left over" parts would apply them this way. Instead of reopening the turbine, he'd use the extra parts, especially the ball bearings and turbine blades, this way, we're sure.
Field Engineering Humor Remember These?
Take this stroll down memory lane
Field Engineering Humor What Every Field Engineer Needs
Traveling can be boring. Perhaps this i-phone feature will make a field engineer's travels more interesting.
Field Engineering Humor Who the Hell Did This Stupid Thing?
We've all followed other engineers and millwrights on jobs. Sometimes it comes during the "next" overhaul, when predecessors are long gone. Maybe it was even a previous GE engineer, although we hope it wasn't a FEP graduate. We ask "Who the hell approved this stupid fix or process?"
Field Engineering Humor I Can't Spell Schenectady!
All roads lead to Schenectady for GE employees. Same is true for Alco employees who made locomotives down at the Erie Blvd plant (now closed) They all need to know how to spell the name of the city that "Lights and Hauls the World."
Field Engineering Humor The Ice Cream or Beer and Cold Pizza Diet
The Science Behind the Best Diet Yet! Remember your highschool science, or Chemistry 101 in college.
Field Engineering Humor topic.2013-04-02.9759005701
Field Engineering Humor Jet Set Gazette
GETSCO newsletter from 1987. Note to Harvey Braswell on his marriage.
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