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Cindy Crawford

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TA & Cindy marooned....

A cruise ship goes down in the Pacific and there are two survivors...a field engineer and Cindy Crawford.

After a few weeks, the engineer has got things pretty much organized and he and Cindy are getting along and might even survive the ordeal.

So after a scrumptious dinner of sea-bass and fried bananas, Cindy bats her eyes at our hopelessly efficient friend and suggests they they both yield to their natural urges.

After going at it hammer and tongs most of the night, Cindy asks if everything was alright. Our engineer says, "Well it could have been better" Cindy replies "Are you kidding? I'm Cindy Crawford! How could it possibly be better?"

He says, "Well, you could do three things for me..." Now she's curious enough to go along with it.

He said, "First, do you mind if I call you Bob?" She gives him a funny look and says, "OK"

Then he said, "Next, do you mind drawing a moustache on your lip with some of the coal from the fire?" She arches her eyebrows and wonders why, but agrees.

Finally he said, "Run about 100 yards down the beach and walk this way as if you don't know me". At this point she just shakes her head and says "Whatever, but I don't see how this is going to make our sex any better."

So she runs down the beach and walks up to our field engineer friend. When she's 20 feet away, he jumps up and down and screams "Bob! BOB! I just screwed Cindy Crawford!"

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