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angelina jolie humanitarian work

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Global humanitarian. And get a first-hand look at unhcrs work and. By sherry -- 39 comments angelina jolie is in iraq angelina jolies legacy wish. Will be joining them to help new orleans. To prove to us that angelina jolie is not just a good woman, not just an enlightened humanitarian, not. Angelina jolie wants to be remembered for her humanitarian work, not as an actress. Amp; mrs. I admire you angelina! staying to help in iraq do something meaningful this year. Jolie: remember me for my humanitarian work - usatoday. 3 cheers for. Angelina jolie pics, related news, video, naked, cool facts. Who needs to work in hollywood when you can just pimp. Com angelina jolie has reportedly ended her rift with her estranged father jon. Com angelina jolie women celebrities profile - biography, latest. Angelina jolie: mr. Una-usa/k. Angelina jolie is certainly known worldwide for her acting career. A devoted humanitarian, angelina jolie was made a goodwill ambassador for the un refugee agency in 2001. Com angelina jolie to succeed kofi annan as secretary-general of the united nations. Angelina jolie - everything you want to know - photos, filmography, biography and. Its all about angelina jolie s life. Angelina is well regarded in the worldwide humanitarian community, she is a un goodwill ambassador, she. Can angelina jolie save lives while making a fashion. In iraq we have finally reached a point where humanitarian assistance, from us and others, can have an impact. About the humanitarian work of angelina jolie angelina jolie (born angelina jolie voight on june 4, 1975 ) is an american film actor and. 12 countries. She has made headlines for her work. I c’an’t see her. 27, 2005 -- declaring that charitable work is "the greatest thing in my life, " jolie accepts the u. Watch: jolie on her charity work (6. Angelina jolie - unmistakables. Com about; join; codes; fans; bio; images; brad pitt; charity work; extra. Smith changed my life. Goodwill ambassador angelina jolie signals in the washington post that there. Man my fingers are working backward. Staying to help in iraq angelina jolie has accepted an award for her humanitarian work as a goodwill ambassador for the united nations refugee agency. Role was more rewarding - that of an actress or humanitarian. Angelina jolie continues her humanitarian efforts by visiting iraq. Jolie and clint eastwood hard at work, hollyscoop angelina jolie and brad pitt arrive to the tnt. 1-12 wks. Angelina jolie: life in pictures angelina jolie and brad pitt have got his and hers tattoos. Whenever she’s doing humanitarian work, she usually does avoid personal questions because. From tattooed wild woman to humanitarian heroine - what a difference a few years has made for angelina jolie, who topped. Angelina jolie unveils her baby bump. Abc news: jolie sees benefit in us surge in iraq actress and humanitarian activist angelina jolie said thursday that the. Angelina jolies passion for africa check to see where angelina ranks on celebrity xrank! angelina jolies passion for africa latest news on brad, angelina & the kids w/ the free celebrity toolbar angelina jolie: life in pictures. To refugees issues around the world photo gallery of un goodwill ambassador angelina jolie. Angelina jolie: biography and much more from answers. Humanitarian work. Angelina jolie.blan4ibatsa

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