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Created by dginn
Last modified Saturday, Dec-01-2007 07:24 PM

Email to Dave Lucier from Doug Ginn

Posted by dlucier at Monday, Dec-03-2007 09:59 AM

Found the site while looking for a used 150-300MW steam turbine. I
probably had Steam Turbine in the search field and you showed up about
5-8 pages deep into my search.

Loved your site! I probably spent an hour digging through it and enjoying fond memories. I appreciated the Erectors Hall of Fame listing. I knew Pete Peterson very well before he passed away and know this tough old erector was glad to be in that listing.

I left GE in November 1982, got engaged to a lady that could not live
with the travel and the work was slow in Cincinnati office so I left to
work for the local utility. That was when GE bought Buell and the local
utility thought I could be a precip guy since I had a 5 day precip
training class.

Walked by the turbines every day for about 4 years before I got to dig into the first turbine overhaul. Then got to manage about 10 overhauls for the utility over about 10 years so got to use my training and most work was completed by APM even though we had half Circle-W machines.

Don't know if I have any photos or not, would have to dig deep in the basement to find any.

Graduate of May 2002. Will try to get a brief bio together.

Nice site!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doug Ginn
Cell 513-260-3516
Desk 513-287-4288

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