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Below is a brief bio. Perhaps, other FEP grads will do the same, so we can share our experiences and stories.


For those FEP grads who don't know me, I am an FEP grad (1968) and a graduate of the Gas Turbine Start-up Program (1969). I worked for GETSCO from 1968-1973 as a gas turbine field engineer. The last two years of my field career, I was Area Engineer for Venezuela, Colombia and the Caribbean.

From 1973-77, I became a steam turbine test engineer at MDTD Fitchburg. I joined the FEP training staff in 1977 and was promoted to FEP manager in 1980 (I guess I was a lousy instructor, so Joe Markey promoted me to get me out of the classroom). LOL :-) I served in that position until 1983, when I returned to GETSCO as the site service manager on the TEPCO project in Japan.

TEPCO was the largest combined cycle installation in the world at the time. We installed fourteen MS9001E STAG plants. 2000 MW at base load! Several FEP grads, including AL Shuman, Dave Smith and Tom Hamilton were my senior TAs there. Bill Romizer (FEP grad ?) was the senior steam turbine TA. Numerous FEP grads were assigned there during the 5-year project.

After returning to the USA in 1985, with cutbacks and layoffs in abundance at GE Schenectady, I decided to save someone else's job. I took a "voluntary" layoff and started my own company.

Note: Life in the balance: 19 years with The General, 19 years without him!

From 1985-1994, I worked independently in gas turbine training, troubleshooting and consulting under the name of I&SE; Associates of Schenectady, Inc. I joined Turbine Technology Services Corp as VP of Training in 1994. That experience (not very rewarding, I must say) lasted about 3 1/2 years until I quit (1997) to work independently again. David Lucier & Associates, Inc. started in 1988. Clients remembered me and that was very good. Soon I needed a partner.

In June, 1999, Charlie Pond (FEP-1977) and I formed Pond And Lucier, LLC. We are also known in the industry as PAL Engineering. We have grown to a group of a dozen field engineers working on gas turbines. Nine of us are FEP graduates! Besides Charlie and me, the PAL staff includes: Al Shuman (FEP-1969), Jerry Carlander (FEP-1980), Robin Ashley (FEP-1980), Carlo Barrera (FEP-1980), Ray Duell (FEP-1973), Neil Adamson (FEP-1978) & Carlos Sanoja (FEP-1979). Nancy Nicholas and Marcia Bailey run our Clifton Park, NY office.

My lovely wife of 15 years, Sheelah, and I are blessed with two great kids: my step children Derek (32), a mortgage banker and Jessica (27), a CPA in Boston, MA. Sheelah and I live in Niskayuna, NY and have a second (someday retirement) place in Lake Placid, NY. We have a yellow lab dog named Marcy, who is 6 years old, and a 16 year old cat named Nadia.

Yes, Life is good! As I have often said, I don't expect to get rich. I just want to be ENVIED! LOL :-)

My hobbies include British sportscars (owning, driving and racing), including 1950 MG and 1972 Triumph TR6 (street car). Sheelah has a 1965 TR4A-IRS as a street car. I am a partner at Kim's Import Motors where we own six MG racers: MGB, (3) MGA & (2) MG Midgets roadsters.

We love winter sports: alpine skiing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing. Having our motor boat on Lake Placid is nice too.

Contact me at My cellular is: 518-330-4801

I hope you enjoy and contribute to the TURBINE COWBOY website!

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Last modified Wednesday, May-04-2005 08:28 AM

Green Stamps and NY Giants Glasses

Posted by dlucier at Wednesday, Dec-08-2004 01:06 PM

Does anyone rememeber when National Car Rental gave out green stamps? Or when gas stations gave out NY Giants glassware to patrons who filled their tanks? Well, back in the early 1970s, GETSCO accounting department started requiring that we turn in any green stamps we got to GE. It would be like having to sign over Frequent Flyer Miles today. This applied to all field engineers. Of course, GE wanted us to lick the stamps and put them in the books.

Well, some of us decided to get even. We brought in bags of green stamps and anything else we got for free. I remember bringing NY Giants glasses I got at the gas pumps. Some of the other GETSCO guys did the same or better. We brought them into 513W and dropped them off on our bean counter's desks. Soon GETCSO decided that was not a good idea and dropped it.

The Infamous 1003 State Street

Posted by dlucier at Tuesday, Jan-04-2005 07:43 AM
This address was rented many times over the years by GETSCO field engineers. One Saturday night, back in winter of 1970, we threw a party and invited our bosses' boss, George Brown and his wife. He was the GETSCO section-level manager. The couple came and got "blitzed." George was too drunk to drive home, so we sent the couple home in a cab.

George forgot about his car the next day. It was ticketed by Schenectady's finest. George still didn't get the car and by the following evening so the car was towed for violating the alternate street parking rule.

I have told the story many times to the delight of listeners, especially other GETSCO field engineers who once worked for George. The Big Boss got blitzed! Does anyone else see the beauty in all this? Holding this over a section-level manager gave me, I must confess, a feeling of power!

First I&SE Assignment - The Charger Rental!

Posted by dlucier at Thursday, Apr-21-2005 06:45 AM
While still on the FEP, I was pulled out of Schenectady to go to Chicago to help install three 4-unit MS5001LA power blocks. I was working 60 hour weeks as a trainee and loved the OT and knew this career was for me: expense account! nice motel! food per diem!

Best of all, National Car Rental gave me the only car available: 1968 Dodge Charger. After a couple of weeks, I was called to bring in the car to get a 4-door sedan. I refused to turn in the Charger. I would go to National to zero out the account but waited for them to wash the car, vacuum it out and service it. NOTHING was going to come between me and my Charger! In reality, I put up such a STINK that they let me keep the car for the duration (2 months) of the job! Joe Byrd (FEP-1978), eat your heart out!


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