Steam Turbine Engineering Services

PAL Turbine Services, LLC has provided technical advisory (TA) services on GE produced steam power plants, with GE-trained engineers, for over a decade.

PAL services include:

  • Mechanical outages
  • Steam stop and control valve Inspections
  • Bearing inspections
  • Borescope Inspections of steam path
  • Mechanical Hydraulic Controls (MHC)
  • Electro-hydraulic Controls (EHC) controls
  • Power Plant start-up after outages
  • Vibration analysis

PAL can also provide technical services from afar.Our staff engineers can support field engineers and clients from our offices in Clifton Park, NY. T.O.P.S. is a modern, on-line service that allows us to technically support clients in other time zones or around the world

Contact PAL for assistance.

DID YOU KNOW that electric power generation in the United States is PRIMARILY provided by steam turbine generators? GE has been a major producer of these power plants, and PAL has GE-trained engineers who provide TA services.

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