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The Flood of Guatemala - 1969

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Dave Lucier (FEP-1968) and field engineer Willy Brandt were sent to Guatemala in 1969 during a flood. The two gas turbines were flooded.
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The Flood in Guatemala - 1969

Posted by dlucier at Saturday, Jan-01-2005 04:20 PM
Willy Brandt and Dave Lucier (FEP 1968) were sent to Guatemala by GETSCO in 1969 after a flood. The rains were daily and nearly constant. The gas turbines (believe it or not) were installed in the original river bed that eventually overflowed the walls. These were outdoor units (package power plants) installed about 1/4 mile apart. The two engineers were sent there get them running again.

The PanAm highway was washed out, so for a time, the olny way to get to "work" was via the cable and stirrup arrangement shown in the photos. The turbines were partially submerged; the water level showed marks above the 36-inch I-beam base. It took about a month to dig out the units and get them dried out and running again.

One night it rained so hard, the two engineers had to sleep under tarps above a Mobil gas station. On another occasion, Dave Lucier fell into the river after being inadvertently "bumped" while crossing a make-shift bridges.

Later, while showing the pictures to then GETSCO secretary, Nancy Campbell, the boss, George Brown happened by her desk ane remarked: "Why did you cross the river on the cable? GETSCO insurance doesn't cover that!"

Lucier has happy to hear that, for sure!
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