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The “Girls” of Jakarta

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The ride of your life!

Field engineers have a warped sense of humor. Their personalities are their birth control. Around 1980 there was a long term assignment in Jakarta to install several turbines. This work was performed by GETSCO. The GETSCO engineers were especially demented from years of time out of the country in god forsaken places. Typically a tour of duty would last about 4-6 months and then you got shipped out for some R&R.; So a new batch of young engineers would “tag off” with the resident GETSCO guys. They had a tradition of taking the NEW guys out to a bar to all get drunk and celebrate their arrival and the resident’s departure. Yee Haa! What the new guys didn’t know is that this was no ordinary bar. It was a brothel. Girls would sit in your lap reach into your pants and grab you by the balls and take you upstairs for the ride of your life! The residents would take up a collection of money so that the girls were well paid for in advance. All they need do is point to the rookie (without him knowing) and the girls would move in to earn their money. There would be lots of ball rubbing and then they would be escorted upstairs for the full treatment. At that exact moment, the resident engineers would start their stop watches to see how long it took for the guys to come running down the stairs cussing and swearing, “You Bastards!” Why you ask??? This was no ordinary bar. This was a transvestite bar! There were NO women at all! I told you they were demented.

One fateful night “Frank” took the walk of shame up the stairs. All of the stop watches were started. Seconds, minutes and hours ticked by. The bar closed and Frank never returned. Hmmmmm. Was he robbed or killed? Nope, the next morning he showed up for work with a big smile on his face. Knowing what Frank went through, they said, “How was your night Frank?” To which he replied, “Great! Just Great!” Hmmmm. Makes you wonder who got the better of whom….Only Frank knows…

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