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The Coke Machine Mystery..Solved after 28 years…

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Phil Todd can now sleep at night.

Long ago Phil Todd (FEP-1970) was installing three General Electric MS7001-B units in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Phil, being a rich field engineer with money burning a hole in his pocket, figured he would make a few extra bucks. His plan was to buy a Coke Machine and reap 100% profits! He bought an old Coke Machine and filled it with pop from the grocery store. In 1977, you could probably buy pop for 25¢/can and sell it for 50¢/can.

All was going well until the plant operators got ticked off by the huge mark-up. They decided to get their own Coke machine and compete with Phil. So one day they bought a used machine and installed it at night.

The next morning there were 2 Coke Machines. One had COLD Coke and one had WARM Coke. Phil’s machine had died the night before but he never knew why. However, in 2005 Charlie Pond was working on the old frame 7’s and was kicking around old names when he hit upon Phil Todd. They laughed and explained the story of the Coke machine and finished with…Phil never knew that during that night we plugged his machine into 220 volts fried the motor!

So Phil, now you know the rest of the story!

Charlie Pond (FEP-1978)

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