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Yes, Baby! More!

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The tall tale of MADMAN

THE TALE of MADMAN and Yes, Baby. More!

Field Engineers aren’t just Young, Dumb And Full of Cum! Often times they live life on the edge. They worked hard through college with boring classes like thermodynamics. Once they are out of the nest and into the field, single, and making lots of money they live life on the lunatic fringe.

Long ago in the 70’s, there was a steam turbine startup field engineer out of the St. Louis office who’s nickname was Madman. It was fitting because it kind of rhymed with his last name. He was a young Italian engineer with a zest for life and a libido the size of Texas. His claim to fame was that he was the startup engineer on the very first MK-2 controls system ever. [Yeah, that inflates your ego!]

He was famous for conducting the William Tell Overture. He had the Clock Work Orange movie version memorized. He knew exactly when the trumpet would herald from the right speaker. He knew exactly when the kettle drums would thunder from the left speaker. And he cued the cannons, as though they were at his command. Quite a performance! He was so good in fact, that I later presented him with an official Arthur Fiedler conductor’s baton in a red velvet case.

Madman was also famous for bringing girls home. He was a babe-magnet. Plying them with liquor. Screwing their brains out until they passed out. Then he would swing his 35mm camera around (which was on a tripod looking out the window) and start taking loads of naked pictures. He had a shoe-box full of trophies. The girls were none the wiser.

When you are young, dumb and full of cum, every guys dream is to date a nymphomaniac. Well, the Madman met his match when he hooked up with Elaine. He was in hog heaven, or so he thought. Elaine had an insatiable appetite for sex. So much so that she had several guys in line scratching the itch. And she always begged for MORE! MORE! MORE!

Well, when Madman found this out, he was pissed! There is an unwritten law among men. “It is OK for a guy to have another girl on the side, but the girl has got to be loyal”. I think this stems from the fact that no guy wants “sloppy seconds.” This is especially true when you are eating out of the Red Lunchbox. Yuck.

Madman had two buddies he was roomies with from the KC office. Both were steam turbine guys. He was commiserating and planned to just break it off with Elaine. They both chimed in…”Don’t get mad. Get even!”

So they plotted and scheemed until they came up with a diabolical plot. The plan was to lure Elaine over to Foxwood apartments. Engage in a screw-a-thon. But the the entire event was to be recorded for later distribution! This was long before video cameras; otherwise we could watch it today. Instead, they drilled two 2” holes in the wall above the headboard inserted microphones. They covered the holes with a Mexican blanket nailed to the wall. The real-to-real tape recorder was positioned in the closet next to the headboard.

The trap was set. His two roomies were huddled in the closet with the tape recorder poised to adjust the VU meters as necessary. Madman greeted Elaine at the door and quickly steered her to the bedroom. He made just enough small talk to talk her out of her clothes and the sex-a-thon began. The audio engineers did a stellar job. They caught every slurp, slosh, whimper, banging of the headboard and suction noise. I have no idea how they were able to keep silent. I am sure they both had “chubbies” which kept them in the closet after the recording was done.

Madman, knowing this was his last hurrah and his big performance (bigger than the William Tell), mustered all of his endurance. The bang-a-thon went on for an hour. Madman said nothing because he knew he was being recorded. Elaine, on the other hand, had her mantra (uttered in whimpers)…”ooh YES! aah BABY! MORE! MORE! MORE!” So the infamous tape was labeled by many. YES, BABY. MORE!

Madman was glad to oblige. He pounded away in revenge for an hour. If you've ever seen an x-rated movie, they seldom last for an hour. This was truly a colossal performance!

Elaine had finally gotten “her fill” for the night. The whimpers, for the first time, were silenced. Madman was nearly dead. Because, you see, he had the flu that winter in Schenectady and was running a high fever. He was drenched with perspiration. But Hey..When duty calls. A mans gotta do, what a mans gotta do.

The YES, BABY. MORE! tapes are a legendary tribute to the techno-genius, cunning, sexual prowess, perversion, inventiveness and stamina of field engineers.

Thank you Madman for raising the bar!

And you roomies…It is time to come out of the closet..You know who you are……


Remember the libido the size of Texax?

Well, while in Texas the madman was fired from GE for boinking the boss's wife. This is a taboo that you don’t break, unless, of course, you are looking for a new job, you already have a new job or she simply has that irresistible voodoo punanny. I think it was the latter.

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