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The General often makes the news . . .

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Stories, photos and news articles pertaining to The General. some good, some not so good. Read on!

Do you remember these mottoes of the Company often referred to as The General?

Yesteryear, the motto was: "Progress is our most important product."

(Back in those days, they had an actor/spokesperson: Ronald Reagan )

In the recent past, the motto was: "We bring good things to life."

Today’s motto is: "Imagination at work." One client recently said, "It should be Imagine if it works." We can see the humor in that, for sure.

The General in the news

Photos of the Main Plant. What's left of the Turbine & Generator manufacturing plants

Did you notice since around 1982 (when the era of CEO Jack Welch began), the Company essentially dropped its whole name to be known solely by the two letters G & E? Some would say the PRIDE in the power generation business was lost, but not for most former and current field engineers!

They have, however, kept the “meatball” logo.

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We Bring Good Things To Life

Posted by bal4833 at Friday, Dec-10-2004 06:31 AM
In 1978 I had a product service assignment in LST-G Bdlg 269 after completing the FEP. There was a company store in a building that is now the visitor reception center. There was also some sort of weekly newspaper for the plant. The store ran an advertisment one week for a sale item. The phrase "While Quantities Last" was just below the Company sloagan "We Bring Good Things to Life".

Field Work

Posted by dlucier at Thursday, Jan-27-2005 05:19 PM
Someone at the FEDC once remarked: You can take the engineer out of the field, but can't remove the field from the generator!

Can you pull the generator rotor? Yes, of course. However, the "field" does not exist until the exitation system is "flashed" during start-up. Thus, you can pull the rotor but not the "field," which is an electrical flux thing. LOL :-)

The engineer can also return to the field, if he misses the work!

Pay More, Get Less

Posted by dlucier at Friday, Feb-18-2005 05:27 AM
Some client once remarked of GE: "You can find better, but you can't pay more!"

Client's Observation: Competition

Posted by dlucier at Friday, Feb-18-2005 05:30 AM
On GE competitors: "If GE hates you, they'll drive you out of the business. If they like you, they'll buy you out!"

The "Meatball" Logo

Posted by dlucier at Wednesday, Mar-09-2005 02:15 PM
About the time that they changed the name to just two letters, the curly cues on the meatball were eliminated, also. It is a subtle change and I have been told that it only cost over $1 million!


Posted by HowlandHC at Monday, Jan-08-2007 10:06 AM
Remember I&SE's was "Service to Sell Products."
We were called "Mr. GE" as Field Engineers were GE's best salesmen.

And GE was call Generous Electric by customers. I bet its been along time since a GE customer has said that. Back then the hourly rate was a little over $19/hr too.

People Pleasing Products

Posted by buck at Tuesday, Jul-24-2007 01:49 PM
People Pleasing Products was also a short lived slogan from around the time that GE sold small appliances to Black & Decker.

Did You Know - Birthplace of Television

Posted by dlucier at Saturday, Nov-03-2007 01:46 PM
Building 36 was the original home of WRGB, the oldest TV station in the USA.

Also, radio station, WGY, the second oldest of its kind in the country broadcast from Building 36 at one time.

The General decided to tear this building down to increase "green space." outside the main plant. The truth be known, The General wanted to reduce its tax base to the City of Schenectady and Town of Rotterdam so it razed the building in 2002. So much for museums and buildings worthy of such an honor!

If it breaks, you own it!

Posted by dlucier at Wednesday, May-14-2008 08:42 AM
A client owner of GE gas turbines recently remarked about the OEM service policy:

"If it is still in warranty and it breaks into two parts, you own both!"
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