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Above in this comment thread: *** The GE Field Engineering Program is 50 Years Old!***

Walter H. Wintergerst

Posted by dlucier at Monday, Jan-03-2005 06:37 PM
Charlie Pond gets the prize for remembering the name of the steam turbine instructor, Walt Wintergerst. Walt was involved in training when it was done in Bldg. 28, as well as at the FEDC on Balltown Road.

Charlie remembers meeting Walter at the FEDC in the mid-1970s. We believe he still lives in Schenectady, NY.


Posted by byrdj at Tuesday, Jan-04-2005 08:27 PM
Didn't Walt also perform ASME performance testing? Say 83-84

Walter H. Wintergerst

Posted by douglemmo at Wednesday, Dec-28-2005 03:59 PM
How many of you remember that Walt was a member of a German OOM- PA Band in the Schenectady Area during the 1970s? I can't remember which instrument he played, but I did go to see him play a couple of times - they were very good. They all wore traditional German outfits - it was quite a sight.

Certainly an Unworthy Replacement!

Posted by dlucier at Thursday, Jan-05-2006 08:17 AM
In 1977, I was hired by Joe Markey to work at the FEDC. As I recall, Walt had indicated to Joe that he wanted to "move on." I was certainly NOT a worthy replacement for Walt. If you go to the FEP Group Photos you'll see us all in the group shot of instructors.

As expected, I was not a very good steam turbine instructor (only 4 years at MDTD-Fitchburg in the Assembly, Pipe & Test group as the Test Engineer). Markey yanked me out to teach "mostly" gas turbines. I also taught BFP steam turbines, particularly in the MHC school. I be Joe wished he had Walt back again! Dave Lucier (FEP-1968)
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