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Above in this comment thread: *** The GE Field Engineering Program is 50 Years Old!***

Joseph H. Markey (FEP Mechanical Manager, 1966-1986)

Posted by dlucier at Wednesday, Feb-02-2005 05:40 AM
Joe Markey was the first manager of the Mechanical Training, which included the Field Engineering Program (FEP) and Advanced Technical Training (ATT). He was appointed to the position in 1966 and held it until he retired (1986, we believe). When the FEDC was built in 1974, he supervised the move to the Balltown Road facility. The 1974 FEP classes assisted in the move of turbines and other equipment to the new lab.

Joe was initially a steam turbine erector. We believe he worked out of the Chicago office (?). His photo appears in the **FEP 1977 and 1979 Instructional Staff** photos herein. Also, he was reunited with other retired field engineers and managers shown in the section herein entitled: **GE Field Engineering Program - The First Hundred Years.**

There is a story he once told to the FEP staff: He owned an aluminum-bodied vehicle back in the early 1940s. We were told that one day early during World War II, Joe drove his old vehicle to the junk yard and threw the keys to the proprietor. The government needed all the aluminum it could get at the time. Joe enlisted in the military soon thereafter and served in WW-II. Perhaps his ride became a fighter plane!

Another story: Joe used to like to cross-country ski. He often skiied to work after the FEDC opened in Niskayuna (circa 1974). He lived on Morrow Ave in Niskayuna and took the back woods to River Road (dodging traffic going to/from the GE Research & Development Cemter). It is a wide road, so we suspect Joe had to remove his slippery boards on most days to hustle across the street.

**Recollections of Dave Lucier & Charlie Pond**

Phil May recalls Joe Climbing Stairs

Posted by dlucier at Monday, Feb-27-2006 07:24 PM
According to Phil May, Joe used to climb the 5 flights of stairs rather than take the elevator when the FEP was in Building 28. The ceilings were quite high in that building so Joe got a good workout. -Phil May.

Visit in Memoriam herein.

Posted by dlucier at Wednesday, Mar-09-2011 04:36 AM
Joe Markey passed away on Thursday, March 3, 2001 after a short illness. He was 86 years old. See the tab: In Memoriam for his obituary.
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