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Above in this comment thread: *** The GE Field Engineering Program is 50 Years Old!***

Ralph McCreadie, Mr. CRI

Posted by dlucier at Friday, Jan-13-2006 11:23 AM
Ralph was one of the original gas turbine instructors who came to work for Joe Markey when the FEP was run out of Building 28 in the late 1960s. He implimented a teaching technique called Criterion Referenced Instruction (CRI) in the mid-1970s based on a MS7001E gas turbine out in Iowa. Students were required to reference (look it up in the GE instruction books) to find answers to written questions. This taught the FEPs how to use the manuals, often to their consternation. They had to spend hours (days) to find the right answer. 100% was the only grade other than failure. In other words, look up the answer and get it right, or you're WRONG! Ralph did not make many friends with this teaching technique, but FEP grads, years later, came to realize how important it was!

Ralph McCreadie's fishing rods

Posted by buck at Monday, Jan-16-2006 12:09 PM
I survived a short stint as an instructor between my GETSCO / GLOBAL POWER SERVICES International projects while Ralph was also at the FEDC. I don't remember how many Fly Rods and Fly Reel combos Ralph let me try out in the grass on the back 40 but I swear the matched set I bought (cheaply) from him is the best I ever owned and I still have it.
Regards to all, Uncle Buck Mahan

Ralph's other passions

Posted by dlucier at Wednesday, Jan-18-2006 12:47 PM
He loved to play table tennis. He was thought to be quite good until an oriental FEP beat him handily. Asians love ping pong (oops, Ralph would cringe when we called it that!). Sometimes we would set up the PP table in the auditorium during lunchtime.

He also thought he was a great javelin thrower until he was challenged by Louise Halle (FEP-1980), who was also a Level II instructor. She was a state champion and "sand bagged" Ralph with her spear-chucking ability!

Garrulous Dementia

Posted by dlucier at Wednesday, Jan-18-2006 01:00 PM
Like most FEP instructors (yours truly included), in his later life, Ralph suffered from an affliction: garrulous dimentia.

He talked so much he drove himself nuts! LOL :-)

Dave Lucier (a.k.a. Loquacious Lucier)

John H. Phillips remembers playing ping pong with Ralph.

Posted by dlucier at Wednesday, Mar-08-2006 04:30 AM

Yes I have visited both websites. Very well done.

I met you in the past several times. I never did attend the FEP. I was a direct hire. I did take several courses up there in the late 70's. No I never did teach up there.

There was another John Phillips in the Dallas office when I started in Dallas. He was several years older than me. He is John M. Phillips and I am John H. Phillips. It was very confusing at times. Maybe the other John taught at the FEDC.

My best memories of some of the G.E. schools were of Ralph McCreadie and I playing ping-pong. And I won more times than not!


Rob Sigond Reports on Ralph

Posted by dlucier at Saturday, Dec-01-2012 07:37 PM

My favorite memories of Ralph were how we would write his name on any GT part he passed around the classroom. Then when we were doing the Gas Turbine outage at NiMo up on the hill, when Ralph came out with a new class of FEPs, he was showing them the combustion liners we had sitting next to the unit. He grabbed one and rotated it to show that class and on it in huge letters was RALPH CAN. He never said a word while the class all cracked up.

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