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Above in this comment thread: *** The GE Field Engineering Program is 50 Years Old!*** » Origins of the EE FEP by Phil May

Tim Kondeck and Dave Lucier

Posted by dlucier at Monday, Apr-17-2006 01:25 PM
Tim Kondeck became manager of the EE-FEP around when I became manager of the mechanical (steam and gas turbine) FEP.

Sometime around 1981-82, Tim and I were asked to go to GE corporated headquarters in Connecticut to a meeting where we were asked to explain what our programs were "all about." The FEP was sponsored by the I&SE Division, unlike such corporate program as: Edison Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Technical Marketing. Thus, it was not considered to be as important as the others in the General Electric, big scope of things. However, the FEP trained far more engineers as did the others.

Dave Lucier

Don't forget Machine Tool Training

Posted by murban at Thursday, Apr-27-2006 08:33 AM
"There was to be an addition added to the building (circa 1980) to include computer training."

The addition included NC and CNC training as well as Computer technology... I taught there for about 6 years and was the first instuctor in the machine tool technology area.

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