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Johny Turner's belt buckle

Posted by jporges at Monday, Mar-24-2008 06:56 PM
I remember the distintive way Johny Turner wore his belt buckle but can't remember why. Do you remember how his hard hat was always cocked sideways too? Oh yeah, I made the mistake one day of pronouncing turbine "turBINE" and Johny was quick to correct me. "A turBINE is what someone wears on their head. The device that produces power from steam is pronounced turban" according to Turner. He was cool. Jeff Porges


Posted by dlucier at Friday, Oct-16-2015 01:05 PM
Legend has it that he once got stuck inside in an enclosed space (not sure if it was a turbine, generator, boiler or what? He told students that belt buckle worn in front was the reason. Thereafter, he said, he always wore it on the side. Lesson learned!
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