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Lost and Found - Field Engineers

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Looking for a long lost FEP friend?

If you are looking for a FEP friend or field engineer, look on the FEP Members List first. If you don't find his/her email address there, enter the name here and perhaps someone might know.

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Last modified Saturday, Apr-28-2007 06:58 PM

Where is Dennis Miller

Posted by dlucier at Saturday, Dec-10-2005 08:08 AM
Hello, I'm Darrell Dennis Page and I'm trying to locate Dennis W. Miller who was in the US Army with me from mid-1970 until early 1972. Dennis Miller was a young GETSCO field engineer out of Schenectady prior to mid-1970 and went back to work for GETSCO in early 1972. I didn't see his name as a member on the Turbine Cowboy website. I believe he may have lived in Southern California in the mid-70's.

If you or any of your friends know where Dennis is now, what he's doing and/or how to reach him, I'd appreciate being able to contact him.

Thank's for any help you may be able to provide.

(PS: my address may not be functional after 12/2/2005)

Darrell Dennis Page
2133 Corral
Emmett, ID 83617
(208) 365-4854
e-mail after 12/2/2005: Vicky_Page@BalboaInsuranceCom

Where is Dan Matsushita?

Posted by Harvey1958 at Wednesday, Feb-08-2006 09:45 PM
I worked with Dan in Saudi during the construction of the Al Qunfudah station in Saudi, about 4 hours from Jeddah. I first met him while I was doing a resident engineer tour in Najran. We were on the roof of my villa and I was boasting; "Dan, see out there? Every light you can see out there comes from my turbines!" Of course just then the entire plant dumped and it was like an air raid drill - pitch desert dark... Dan said it looked real fine when I got the Frame 5 running again and they brought the city back up a feeder at a time...

Anyhow, he is most likely somewhere in California. I am in San Francisco myself...if anyone knows his where abouts give me a call at 925-768-7389 thanks, Harvey...

Found: Joe Markey and Phil May!

Posted by dlucier at Wednesday, Feb-22-2006 01:40 PM

Rob Sigond (FEP-1978) saw **Joe Markey** and his lovely wife Barbara at the Proctor's presentation of "Phantom of the Opera." We are happy to report that Joe is no longer a "fantom figure." He still lives in Niskayuna, albiet not at his orginal residence during his FEDC days, which was then on Morrow Ave. He used to cross-country ski to work on occasion. Joe was manager of the mechanical program for 20 years (1966-1986) during the opening of the FEDC in 1974.

Another original FEP manager has been located. **Phil May** discovered Turbine Cowboy during a Google search. Phil has registered and may be contacted at He has been retired about 20 years too lives with his wife live in Texas in a log cabin he had built. Phil was the counterpart to Joe from 1968-1979, also when the FEDC was first built.

Dave Lucier (FEP-1968)

Rober Kiefer is finally found!

Posted by dlucier at Monday, Feb-27-2006 04:42 AM

Yup, I retired on May 1, 2000 so I'm coming up to 6 years of this unrestricted life. I still walk the streets of the area and run them at 4 in the morning; something I've been doing since 1984.

I spend roughly half of my time at a camp in NH with 37 acres of land and spend my time there doing useless things like chopping wood, clearing brush, shoveling snow or mowing the lawn, raising a garden, keeping the deer and raccoons out of the garden, using up space on my digital camera and sky gazing. I have an 8 inch reflector 'scope and am thinking of adding more equipment.

Retirement is a pleasure and I am enjoying it very much. You've done a great job with that Turbine Cowboy site; I enjoyed it.

After my stint in field engineering, I was the manager of the GETSCO-Rome, Italy office. I remember you traveling through Rome a few times and that gas fuel problem you had in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia at SAFCO.

Take it easy and enjoy life,

Roger Kiefer (field engineer in 1960s before FEP)

Ron Query and Lou Melograna

Posted by dlucier at Saturday, Apr-08-2006 07:00 PM
Steve Griller is looking for these two FEP grads. They were both on the Gas Turbine Start-up Program in the late 1960s. If anyone knows how to contact, please send an email to Steve.


Gee Haong Wong

Posted by rochwaab at Saturday, Feb-10-2007 09:07 AM
He left GE to start a family business in Oklahoma... may be somebody can look him up?
I am not living in the USA (Netherlands currently) and would like to hear from Gee, one of the finest TA's I've ever met.

Saludos desde Holanda.
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