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A Terrible Female Horse of the Night!

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When Texans try to speak Spanish it is called "Span-glish."

There was a Texan named Bubba who worked in Maracaibo, Venezuela for an oil company. One morning Bubba dragged into work looking disheveled. His Venezuelan friend, Alfredo, noticed how bedraggled he looked and asked him, "What’s the matter, Bubba? Que pasa?"

Bubba, trying to fit into the culture, replied in Spanish saying: “Yo tenia un terrible caballo mujer de noche!”

Alfredo looked puzzled. "un terrible caballo mujer de noche?" What was he doing out with a terrible woman that looked like a horse?

"What do you mean?" Alfredo asked. "I don't understand. No te entiendo."

"I had a terrible nightmare," Bubba responded. "You know, a caballo mujer."

Let's analyze his Span-glish:

Yo tenia (I had)

un terrible (a very bad, terrible)

caballo mujer (female horse). Hillarious

de noche (of the night).

Alfredo asked: "So you had a very bad female horse of the night?"

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