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Free the Saratoga Five!

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Paul Nagle (FEP-1980) finally fesses up to his involvement in public drunkeness while on the FEP!

Recent email to Dave Lucier:

I attended the Summer 1980 FEP session, under your utelage, of course. My claim to fame whilst attending the FEP was being thrown in the local holding pen in Ballston Spa with four other FEP guys for "public drinking" and making fun of the police officers on the streets of Saratoga Springs. We were sentenced to time served the next morning, scurried back to our apartments, put on ties and came into your office to plead for forgiveness since we had missed most of the days classes.

I stayed with GE for 6 years in the field, went to work for Baltimore G&E; for 15 years and am now employed by ALSTOM as Director of Field Operations for GE and S/W equipment

Paul Nagle (FEP-1980)

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Last modified Wednesday, Dec-28-2005 11:16 AM

In Search of the Saratoga Five!

Posted by dlucier at Wednesday, Dec-21-2005 04:43 AM
Ann Fosella and I heard about the arrests the next morning while at the FEDC. We jumped in my car and drove to the jail in Balston Spa only to find that you guys had been released.

We then returned to the Training Center and went to your classroom. Scribbled on the blackboard was an appropriate message: "FREE THE SARATOGA FIVE!"

We all had a good laugh, although I had to act a little pissed off just for show. I should have docked you all 1/2 day's pay but I didn't.

Regards, Dave Lucier, Manager, Field Engineering Program (1980-83)

Fess up!

Posted by dlucier at Sunday, Aug-20-2006 02:06 AM
Who were the other drunken memebers of the Saratoga Five?
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