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FEP's Do Dumb Things!

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Here are a few examples of dumb things that FEP's have done during the the training program in Schenectady. If you know of others, please add to comments section.
  • While on the FEP, some engineers in 1975 decided that the cost of living at Hollandale Apartments was too high. They decided to purchase tents and live at Frosty Acres Campgrounds. This perturbed the boss, Joe Markey. At the FEP graduation party, other members came to the campgrounds and formed a circle with their cars. They turned on their front beams and all tuned to the same radio station. Beer, of course, was readily consumed we are told.
  • An FEP circa 1980 was caught walking through the FEDC barefoot. When confronted by Dave Lucier, FEP-Mechanical Manager, Bob was asked: "Where are your shoes?" Bob responded: "I didn't wear any today." Lucier sent him home to retrieve a pair of shoes. This Tarzan-like FEP was thereafter known as "Barefoot Bob."
  • A female FEP from Colombia didn't think steel-towed shoes were fashionable. She refused to purchase them from the GE company store. So Dave Lucier forced her to where the slip-over, toed protective footwear over her high-heeled "zapatos" while working in the Mechanical Lab. Eventually, she bought the proper shoes. She considered Dave to "muy mal intencionado" (very mean) for humiliating her. We don't think she lasted long as a field engineer in South America.
  • An FEP circa 1981 decided to steal a turbine bucket from the Gas Turbine Department while on a class tour. He brought it back to the FEDC. He was found out in the lab trying to grind off the end of an older bucket to see what was inside. Fortunately, he hadn't damaged the new bucket. Dave Lucier sent an instructor and the FEP student back to the main plant to try to "sneak" it back in the bucket rack before it was discovered "missing." The FEP was later fired for another incident: another dumb thing.
  • In 1981, an FEP or Vietnamese origin, while on the EE program, stabbed to death another FEP student who was a roommate. It seems that the police determine that the dead FEP had attacked the other guy, and the latter acted in self defense.
  • An FEP grad, while on a training assignment out in the mid-west (St. Louis or Kansas City regions), drove a fork lift truck owned by a power plant into the sides of a pickup truck on the jobsite. He was not supposed to be operating equipment on the site. It is not sure if he was fired for this action.
  • One day circa 1982, Dave Lucier, manager of the FEP-Mechanical happened through the dining area on the first floor. He observed an FEP, a student from Spain, eating lunch with a bottle of wine on the table. "You can't drink wine on GE property," Lucier said. The Spanish student replied, "I like wine with my food." Lucier told him to remove the wine bottle from the premises immediately. The student seemed perplexed and somewhat miffed, but followed Lucier's orders.
  • One FEP who made the ALL TIME LIST was made to hitchhike home during a trip to GE plants in Lynn and Fitchburg, Mass. It was the practice at the time to take trips by personal cars to these plants for tours and product familiarization. This FEP could never shut up. Not in class, outside of class, on tours. Never. He aggravated his classmates traveling in the car with him so much, they stopped the car and told him to get out. He had to hitchhike back to Schenectady at night. Someone said, "When he dies, they'll have to beat his mouth to death."
  • The same FEP mentioned directly above decided he needed to make a phone call to his wife. He went into Dave Lucier's private office at the FEDC and dialed home. Lucier came into the office to find him sitting there, feet on the desk, yapping away. The FEP member was late for class by 15 minutes. Lucier through him out and threatened to fire him. He should have: for many, many infractions.
  • Since I'm on a roll, the same FEP at Christmas time in 1978, brought in a Victoria's Secret catalog and asked Anne Nagy, Dave Lucier's secretary, to help him pick out some sexy underwear for his wife.
  • Dave Smith, one of the FEP-Mechanical instructors circa 1980 and FEP grad, had often been mistaken being of middle eastern decent. This was during time when Americans were kidnapped in Iran by the Ayatollah. Dave decided to get a special tee shirt. He wore it backwards under a white shirt one time while he was teaching and FEP class. Working at the blackboard, he would tighten his back muscles and you could read what the tee shirt said: "I am not an Iranian."
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