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When in Rome, do as ......

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Some expenses require an explanation.

I arrived in Rome on time, back when the GETSCO office was there and managed by Bob Knorr. Roger Kiefer was filling in for Bob who was on vacation.

I booked a hotel room by myself. Upon arrival at the GE office, I learned that Roger had told the secretary to book a room (guaranteed) at another hotel nearer the office. I walked over and paid the for the second room because there was a non-cancelation fee.

Upon returning to the GE office, I found out that they were sending me to La Spezia, Italy by train to start the job the next day for Esso.

As you can surmise, I had to submit an expense account for three hotel rooms on the same day. Try explaining that to the bean counters back in Schenectady!

Dave Lucier (FEP-1968)

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