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Talk about Getting Screwed!

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This story was told by a good client of PAL Engineering. You can't make up stuff like this, hence it goes into this folder.

A worker at a electric utility in North Dakota decided to commit suicide at work. He wanted to "make a statement" against the company so he took an 18” long auger used to drill through telephone poles and chucked it up in a big electric drill. While sitting at his desk, pointed the drill at himself and rammed the bit through his chest.

End of story? Not quite.

The pain was so intense he passed out. When he came to, he had a change of heart so to speak and called 911. The paramedics arrive to find him screwed to the back of his chair!

They disassembled the chair and sent him and the chair back to the hospital.

So now, not only was he depressed and suicidal, he was also became laughing stock of the company!

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