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The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did With GETSCO!

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David fue muy estupido!

In 1972, I was working in Venezuela as the Area Engineer. I was sent to Cartegena, Colombia to troubleshoot a controls problem on a gas turbine. I had worked at the site before, so I thought I knew the routine.

I went to Maiquetia Airport near Caracas for my direct flight. At the time the terminal was being renovated. I didn’t realize that passengers had to check in at the national terminal but depart from the international building.

I waited for Avensa Airlines to call my flight in the national building. The departure time came and went. I went to the Avensa counter only to be told the flight was leaving from the other building. I ran next door but the flight had left, along with my baggage. I had to take a taxi to a local hotel, check in without any baggage and travel the next day to Colombia.

About two months later, I was asked again to go to Cartegena. Knowing the drill now, I went to the national and later walked to the international building for departure. I waited.

It seems I had partied too much the night before and was “hung over.” I fell asleep in a chair and missed my flight again. I took a cab to the same hotel (of course, without luggage) and stayed the night. I flew to Cartegena the next day.

When met at the airport, my Colombian associate, Renaldo asked: “David, do you always send your suitcases the day ahead of your flight?” He had seen the bags in the holding cage AGAIN, just like the previous trip. But no David (he pronounced my name: Da-VEEED) My response was: "David fue muy estupido!"

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