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Going to Jacksonvile? Where's that?

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You never know where you're going until you get there.

Two partners, and ex-GE field engineers, were traveling to Jacksonville, Florida to speak at the recent Frame 6 Users Conference. Dave left from Albany, NY and Charlie originated in Denver, CO. They both traveled through Charlotte, NC. Dave arrived first and Charlie thought he might change his flight to fly with Dave. However, Dave’s plane departed before Charlie could make the change.

Dave arrived in Jacksonville first. Charlie was to arrive an hour later. Once on the ground, Charlie called Dave on his cellular phone to tell him he had just touched down. Dave went to the window and looked up and down the runway and tarmac but didn’t see Charlie’s plane. He went back into the small terminal and heard a fellow traveler say: “Hurry up and wait. The story of my life.”

“Yeah,” Dave responded. “Tell me, is there another airport in Jacksonville, FL. My partner just landed but I don’t see the aircraft taxiing on the tarmac.”

“Florida? Hell, you’re in North Carolina,” said the man.

“What? That can’t be.”

It was. Dave had flown to North Carolina.

After playing “ping-pong” back and forth between Delta Airlines and US Air, Dave finally booked a one-way flight back to Charlotte and eventually on to Jacksonville. Florida, this time, but 8 hours late.

Later, Dave compared the two US Air boarding passes: Charlotte to Jacksonville, NC and Charlotte to Jacksonville, FL. Neither boarding pass indicated what state where the Jacksonville was located. So much for being an experienced traveler for the last 40 years. The joke was on Dave!

Created by dlucier
Last modified Saturday, Jun-16-2007 01:44 PM
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