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Nail in the foot? Get a tetnus shot!

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Dave Williamson tells a story (that nobody could make up)

Here is a GETSCO story for you: In the fall of 1996. I was working on the installation of the two nuclear units at Tarapur, India running second shift.

The foreman came to me midway through the shift and said that Patel had stepped on a nail. Most of the crew either wore sandels or went bare foot and Patel was bare foot. I told the foreman to send Patel to the dispensary for a tetnus shot and forgot about him until later when I stopped by the tool crib and noticed Patel sitting in a dark corner all doubled up.

I asked the attendent what the problem was and he said the man was sick. Patel was a laborer and didn't speak English so we had to get someone who could speak to him in Patel's dialect. After much discussion I was informed that Patel was sick which we already knew. After further discussion I was told he was sick because he was alergic to tetnus.

I asked why if he was alergic to tetnus why did he get the shot. After more discussion I was told he got the shot because I said he had to have it. He didn't show up for work for the next couple of days.

He didn't hold a grudge though because he came to my leaving party at the end of the job. Probably glad to see me leave though. No good deed goes unpunished!

Dave Williamson

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