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World Travel at its BEST

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Some of Larry Patchett's experiences
A couple of us were reminiscing about traveling in various third world countries. Here are a couple of short yarns from Larry Patchett.

Aero of the most terrifying experiences of my life. Took off from Lima, engine trouble, landed some damn place. When they finally let us off I see these grease balls opening the engine cover and they had the GE instruction manual open. None of these clowns spoke a word of English. I offered to help them and they could not understand me. Finally got to Miami and was I glad. 1.5 days to go from Lima to Miami.

There is a little place in Indonesia named Pakan Baru (Caltex). First time I flew from Singapore to there was in the 70's. This was a tin roof and no walls. There were 3 or 4 jets laying along the runway all burned out. We landed and went into the terminal. There was one guy there who sold tickets, handled baggage, did the customs and immigration. I stayed there one night. Same guy had a 59 Chevy for a taxi. He drives me to the hotel - owned by this same guy. And he was the money changer. In conversation he told me those were all just side jobs. His real responsibility was to chase the elephants off the runway when a plane landed. The accomodations were really something. The bar looked like an old movie. I kept expecting to see Bogart walk in.
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