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Employee Sensitivity Training

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Most large companies nowadays insist their employees go through sensitivity training. They want their people to recognize what is sexual harassment and what is normal, respectful behavior in the interaction of employees. This doesn't always workout as intended

Employee Sensitivity Training

Green Mountain Power Company decided to give sensitivity training to all its employees. Sexual harassment had become a “hot button” issue and needed to be addressed.

They gathered large groups of employees (including management, plant operators and power line workers) in the conference to hear from employee relations people about the need to be “sensitive” to coworkers when it comes to such things as joke telling, sexual comments and the like.

During one meeting, which often carried on for hours, an older plant operator finally had heard enough. He stood up and shouted “This is a bunch of fucking bullshit!” At that moment, he immediately collapsed, falling onto the conference table and suffered a heart attack. Efforts to revive him were unsuccessful. At least he got a chance to voice his opinion about this training in his own, dying words.

True story related to Dave Lucier while on job at the Gorge in Winooski, VT.

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