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Terrorists are not always smart!

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Sometimes the rebels are no smarter than the government they are trying to replace. There is one frame 7 gas turbine in the Suralco plant, an affiliate of Alcoa-USA. Dave Lucier and others have worked there. The remainder of the power comes from a large hydro dam.

It seems some rebels in Suriname (circa 1985) wanted to overthrow the government. They decided to blow up a major transmission line from the hydro dam to the capitol city of Paramaribo. They attached four equal charges of dynomite to the transmission tower and threw the switch. Kaboom!

The tower dropped about four feet but never toppled. Electric power was never interrupted and the government power line workers simply returned and regrouted the feet. Along the 100 mile highway from the city to the river dam there is one transmission tower that is shorter than all the others.

Dave Lucier

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