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(Slightly) More Serious Stuff

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Field engineers can be serious on occasion.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff The Purpose of Life
About 35 years ago, during my GETSCO days, I read these "words of wisdom" in a magazine. I clipped it out and carried the passage in my wallet ever since. Some things "matter" and are worth saving! -Dave Lucier (FEP-1968).
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Prevent Abductions (Field Engineers and Spouses Beware)!
This is good advice for field engineers and their spouses. Actually, anyone who travels will find this advice to be good.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Apollo 13 - A Field Engineering Triumph!
To save the astronauts of Apollo 13, engineers on earth had to overcome many obstacles. Here is one of them.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff The Number One Fear
What do you fear the most?
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Countries Worked by Field Engineers
Field Engineers have worked on gas and steam turbine installations and maintenance all over the world. This is a list of counties "known" to have The General's turbines, where engineers have worked in power generation, gas production and process plants. If you have worked (or known of guys who have worked) in other counties, please add them below. We will update this list as countries are added. AT LAST COUNT, 55 COUNTRIES! Last revised July 20, 2008
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Do field engineers ever make mistakes?
Field Engineers are known (sometimes) to make mistakes. Sometimes they goof up on a turbine. Sometimes they marry the wrong women the first time (they refer to them as "starter mariages").
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff In case you've been wondering
For sure, these are things to ponder.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Facts of Life
Things to consider. Nothing is for sure.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Top Ten Greatest Lies of the 20th Century
Last century there were a lot of liars. Here are the top ten.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Field Engineers and Proper English...No Way!
Field Engineers can solve equations but English they are miserable with. Notice the placement of the preposistion at the end. Appologies to Charles Osgood, Author and CBS Television commentator.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Words women use and how to interpret them!
The words used by women (especially wives) have meanings beyond what you may think. Heed what you read herein.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Words of Wisdom from Emerson
Words to heed and live by.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff What is a "Tech Rep?"
The Drifters, a novel by James Michener
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Immigration and Assimilation
President Teddy Roosevelt had some words of Wisdom 100 years ago!
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Who Said That (in the Movies)?
Field engineers get to see a lot of movies in their travels (often there is not much else to do in those one-horse towns or 3rd world countries). The American Film Institute has listed the top 20 quotes from movies (in their opinion). Here is what they say are the most memorable lines from famous movies. Agree?
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Coincidences? We think not!
Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy had much in common. Read on!
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Old Glory: Some proud, some faded, tattered & torn
Surely if you choose to fly the flag you can do better than some of these people!
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Maps, we got maps!
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Is that person suffering a STROKE?
Turbine Cowboys can be Good Samaratins. If you suspect someone is suffering a STROKE, do these simple things:
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff The Day the Lights went out in Cartagena
There was only one traffic light in the entire city!
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Dave Cupo Likes this Quote!
Is there intelligent life in the universe?
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Looking Down on the Earth
Perhaps the quest renewable energy resources is not a bad idea after all. The earth revolves around an axis. This center of rotation is not, nor should it ever become, the Arabian Peninsula.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff So what's up Doc?
Sometimes you have just have to pick a new primary care physician.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Veterans of All Foreign Wars Should Be Acknowledged
Some of your dads or grandfathers may have fought in World War II. Veterans of the Greatest Generation are dying off at a rate of 2000 per day. This link is to a song written for them. Open this link to hear a moving tribute with a montage of pictures of "old soldiers." FYI: Joe Markey, first manager of the FEP and field engineer for GE, is a WWII veteran. Other, sometimes forgotten, veterans will pass in future decades: Korea and Vietnam. Some of you FEP's may have served in either of these conflicts. Some may have lost fathers or brothers. Although I was never a soldier, I did install two GE frame 5 gas turbine package power plants in 1971 during that war north of Saigon in the small town of Tu Duc. So much for the deferment GE got me because they claimed I was an "important" start-up engineer. Vietnam was not a pleasant experience. Dave Lucier (FEP-1966)
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Questions, We Got Questions! (answers to questions A through K given at the bottom. Now don't peek!)
Here are some Trivial Pursuits questions for world travelers and field engineers.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Life, like sex, is short: once, twice, thrice!
Nobody talks more about his/her sex life than a field engineer. Whether bragging or complaining, you can count on him talking.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Don't get mad, get even!
Field Engineers always find a way to even the score. Submitted by Charlie POnd (FEP-1978)
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Senior Field Engineers Submit Personal Ads
Some "senior" personal ads seen in Florida newspapers: (Who says seniors don't have a sense of humor?)
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Computers. You gotta love them!
Error messages to love.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Stuttering Cat
Kids say the darndest things.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Song, Album or Poem that MOST reminds you of Field Engineering
What songs. albums or even poems best represents field engineering? When traveling on I&SE or GETSCO jobs, what songs did you listen to or tape did you play over and over again? Was it "Leaving on a Jet Plane. Don't know when I'll be back again" by Peter, Paul and Mary? Perhaps there was even a poem that reminded you.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff You can say it, but you can't write it!
Quirky thing, the English language.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Aging Field Engineers
Who said you get better with age? No field engineer would.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Trivial Persecution!
Questions for Old Field Engineers. Hopefully you can remember way back to the 1950s & 1960s. Answers at the end, so don't peak!
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Why do Field Engineers retire?
Retirement? Why not. You get to answer questions like the ones below.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff How to recognize a Senior Field Engineer...
You know you are a Senior Field Engineer if ...
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Flight Announcements
All too rarely, airline attendants make an effort to make the in flight "safety lecture" and announcements a bit more entertaining.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Why, Why, Why?
Field engineers have a lot of idle time on their hands. They wonder about lots of things things during sober moments?
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff The Field Engineer's Creed
"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Field Engineers know it takes a good woman to be happy in life.
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff New Old Sayings
Some things need updating. In this computer age, when the internet and Google are a part of lives, we might need to modernize some sayings. Here are a few:
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff The Blame Game
It was the field engineer's fault!
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff Field Service Reporter - 1979
GETSCO FS Reporter publication circa 1979
(Slightly) More Serious Stuff It Doesn't Pay to Fight GE, Or Does It?
The Riggi brothers got their comeuppance after 18 years.
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