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Field Engineers and Proper English...No Way!

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Field Engineers can solve equations but English they are miserable with. Notice the placement of the preposistion at the end. Appologies to Charles Osgood, Author and CBS Television commentator.

Speaking Proper English

The turbine has many parts it is made up of.

Mis-assembly is an error you don't get into.

FOD with a turbine is when you drop foreign stuff in.

Avoid this, because it is difficult to get out.

There are many traps in the English language that are more easily fallen into that gotten out of.

One of them is to get so bogged down in the so-called rules of English that you make it difficult for the person on the receiving end to understand what you are talking about.

At the beginning of every computer work day I sign on.

At the end of the computer work day I sign off.

There is much work to be done in between.

In engineering there are twenty proposals a week to be turned out.

Each of these proposals has a number of sentences that it is composed of.

Words are what each sentence is made up of.

What order should these words be put in?

There is a violation of the writing rules which I admit I am frequently guilty of.

It is a trap that is easy to fall in to.

However, it is one that I do not worry much about.

Ending a sentence with a preposition is what I am referring to.

The astute reader may discover several instances of what I am talking about in the very paragraph you are now looking at.

Ending a sentence with a preposition is considered okay where I come from.

Most engineers think that wherever I come from I should go back to.

Recently I ended a sentence with a preposition, realizing full well that a preposition is what some people think you should never, under any circumstances, end a sentence with.

Such people, I am sick to death of, fed up with, and put off by.

If terminal prepositonalism is an error, it is one that there is plenty of distinguished precedent for.

Winston Churchill was corrected for the ending one of his elegant sentences with a preposition and his withering reply was: “This is the sort of arrant pedantry up with which I will not put!”

With me, it all depends on the mood I am in.

Sometimes I don’t write sentences that you would want to put a preposition at the end of.

Other times the cabboose position is the one the little preposition seems to cry out for.

I can assure you that the turbine deck common place for debris to get in your eye in.

However, I will also tell you, a power plant happens to be a very good place to get something in your eye out in.

This is perfectly logical, since a power plant people who often get metal filings in their eyes would have a lot of experience in getting stuff they have gotten in their eyes out.

The placement of prepositions in sentences is not the sort of issue that gets me all riled up.

In fact, the people who bitch about such things are the ones I really get mad at.

There is a story I tell at the University of Illinois about a visitor to the campus who asked, “Hey dude, can you tell me where the Underground Library is at?”

“Young man! At the University of Illinois we do not end our sentences with a preposition.”

“Well, in that case, please forgive me,” said the visitor. “Permit me to rephrase my question. Tell me where the Underground Library is at, ASSHOLE!”

When engineers went down the assembly line of life. God said hey! This brain is almost full, there is room in this brain for English or mathematics, but not both. He's an engineer...lets install the math and forget about any English skills.

And that is why English is what engineers suck at.

Crappy speling is a malady with which their entire life they will have to put up with.......

With appologies to Charles Osgood, a person that I never met with.

Charles Pond (FEP-1978), FEP Staff (1980-85).

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