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Why Dave Lucier quit field engineering

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My reasons were typical. I had burned out and I wanted to settle down with my new wife back in the USA.

At the time, I was assigned as area engineer in Venezuela. I got married for the first time in 1972 and agreed to work out of the Caracas office for another year.

My "starter" wife traveled with me to various sites in Venezuela, Colombia, Trinidad, Curacao and Aruba on assignments. We returned to the USA in June 1973 and I started graduate school as UMass-Amherst, my alma mata. This venture only lasted about 5 months (I was a fish out of water) when I took a job at GE-Fitchburg where I became the turbine test engineer.

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Dave Lucier's Second Departure

Posted by dlucier at Saturday, Apr-16-2005 03:31 PM
After six years at the FEP, I took an assignment in Futsu, Japan for the TEPCO installation of 14 GE 7E STAG units as the service manager and lead TA. After two years, I was reassigned (against my desires) back to the USA. After futile job searches within GE, I took a voluntary layoff and started my first company: I&SE Associates of Schenectady, Inc. This company lasted 9 years. I am currently a founding partner in Pond And Lucier, LLC.
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