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Turbine Cowboy

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Dennis Ledbetter and his Music

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Dennis Ledbetter

An FEP grad in the late-1970s named Dennis Ledbetter was also an accomplished country & western guitar player and singer. He cut a record in 1981 called "TURBINE COWBOY". It was a 45-rpm disc (remember those?) and on the ""flip side" of the record had the classic song: IF YOU DRIVE ME TO DRINKIN' (I'll buy the gas). Now what FEP wouldn't chip in a few bucks for gas?

Turbine Cowboy 45 Drive me to Drinking 45

TURBINE COWBOY obviously plays on the popular John Travolta movie of that era: Urban Cowboy. We field engineers often look upon our careers (the work and travel) as if we are COWBOYS, roaming the world to work on GE TURBINES and generators.

Ledbetter has enjoyed a 35-year career as a steam turbine engineer. He recently established his own consulting company and continues “trying to keep electricity flowing.” Only now he has more time to devote to his love of music.

The first song he ever wrote and recorded was the “Turbine Cowboy,” reflecting his favorite way of dressing, his passion for country music, and his work on the road as a turbine engineer.

In 2010 Ledbetter recorded a 12-song CD (all written or co-written by Ledbetter) with some of the finest musicians in Nashville. Pitching the songs to various major artists proved unsuccessful, as he was told his music was “too country.” (That’s like saying you’re having too much fun or you’ve got too much money.) He decided to release the CD on his own.

The new CD is titled If You Drive Me to Drinking (I’ll Buy the Gas). The title song was re-written and re-recorded to reflect an anti-drinking message with a little fun mixed in. The old faithful Turbine Cowboy song was re-recorded with a few lyric changes and hot new sound track. The CD is available on Amazon, and will soon be available on CD baby and all of the digital venues. If you’re thirsty for some traditional country music, this CD should quench your craving. Happy listening.

Send an email to Dennis at to purchase an autographed copy of his new CD “IF YOU DRIVE ME TO DRINKIN' (I'll buy the gas).” The CD includes a new version of The Turbine Cowboy.

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Contact Dennis directly if you want an autographed copy:  Email:

Turbine Cowboy by Dennis Ledbetter


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The Turbine Cowboy's Other Career

Posted by dlucier at Monday, Feb-07-2005 08:27 AM
I have the Turbine Cowboy record that I bought from Dennis directly about 15 years ago.

Dennis had a boxfull of them in the trunk of his vehicle. He was the Tecnical Advisory (TA) at site for a GE G2 outage at our Cape Canaveral Plant at the time. In the evenings, he would sing at a local bar near Titusville.

Tom Reittinger
1974 FEP Graduate

Dennis has a few new titles (tongue in cheek)

Posted by dlucier at Saturday, Feb-04-2006 05:13 PM
Potential new songs:

1. "Just as soon as I find my bearings, I'm gonna get my life aligned".

2. "By the time I convinced her to crossover, I was just too exhausted".

3. "I tried for a steamy relationship, but she gave me the condensed version".

4. "He's been working hard to intercept her, so it's time to reheat our love".

5. "I'm keeping a journal, of all the times I got the shaft".

6. "Her front standard looks good now, but when I saw her Momma, I was worried about her shell expansion".

7. "I've been living in a vacuum, since I don't exciter any more".

Best Regards,
Dennis Ledbetter

This guy is great.

Posted by jacobmled at Sunday, Apr-30-2006 09:20 AM
This is one of the most phenominal guys whom i have ever had the pleasure to know.

He is the laoving and devoted father of five children, who rang in age from early teens all the way up to early thirties.

He is a great influence in my life and he constamtly helps me in all of the activities i partake in.

thanks for all you help dad,
Turbine Cowboy Jr.

Turbine Cowboy Tape from the early 1980s

Posted by dlucier at Monday, Jul-10-2006 08:49 AM
Way back in the old days around 1980 when I worked for I&SE Central Region we used to get a motivational propaganda tape every couple of months one of the best things was one tape with two of Charlie's songs. I still have my copy of Turbine Cowboy to remember my time Charleston, WVA, and Pittsburg, PA. I think every FE / TA at the time knew the words.

Top Ten Rejected Names for this Website!

Posted by dlucier at Monday, Jan-15-2007 02:50 PM
#10. Suburban Cowboy!

#9. Butt Gap Clearance Checkers!

#8. Bump Checkers Rule!

#7. Saudi Beach Boys!

#6. Road Whores-R-Us!

#5. So you wanna grow up to be a field engineer?

#4. Gimme more thrust clearance, baby!

#3. Anybody can pass **GAS**; it takes real talent to pass **STEAM!**

#2. "To measure is to know," says Lord Kelvin!

And the #1 rejected name for this site: **BROKEBACK MOUNTAINEERS!**
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