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Steam Turbine & Generator

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Steam Turbine & Generator Academy of Steam Turbine-Generator Constructors- August 2003
Elite group of the OEM's turbine engineers and erectors.
Steam Turbine & Generator Academy of Gas Turbine Constructors
Elite group of gas turbine constructors.
Steam Turbine & Generator Academy of Generator Maintenance Specialists
Elite group of the OEM's turbine-generator maintenance specialists.
Steam Turbine & Generator Accademy of Steam Turbine Constructors-July 2006
Steam Turbine & Generator 2006 Inductees
Steam Turbine & Generator Requirements for Induction into the Academy
Steam Turbine & Generator Steam Turbine Beginnings
Believe it or not, Charles Parsons was an Irishman (back when Ireland was part of the United Kingdom)! Despite his Irish heritage, we shouldn't hold that against him for inventing a device that gave us all employment at GE! -Donal Kissane, FEP Grad
Steam Turbine & Generator Parsons Steam Turbine
The attached was on the web site but the original source is not really identified. Regardless, it is a paper/speech that was presented by Sir. Charles Parsons, who was the inventor and patent holder for the reaction steam turbine design. Westinghouse, Allis-Chalmers, ABB, Siemens, et al, were really licensed by Parsons to make their "50% reaction" turbine units. My GE friends are more familiar with the Rateau (Pressure Compounded)design, which is not addressed. However, there is plenty of talk aboutCurtis (Velocity Compounded) stages, since Parson did use these. The significance of Dr de Laval is clear, in this discussion, which I find refreshing. I find Parson's thinking, etc., fascinating, looking back a century later. It is especially interesting to integrate this perspective with contemporary ST knowledge, such as the increased use of reaction staging in GE's dense-pack designs. Some of you may be more interested in the telescopes and reflectors that he developed and used. John Mitchell
Steam Turbine & Generator Product Service Bulleton from 1970s
This document was discovered on site by Sam Rowe and forward to Fred Easton.
Steam Turbine & Generator GE Furlough
Nine week shutdown at GE Schenectady for steam turbine and generator in 2010.
Steam Turbine & Generator Photos Taken at Steam Turbine Display - 2011
David and Sheelah Lucier visited the NMS&I in London, England in September, 2011. We went there so I could see the gas turbine car called the Jet One, but it had been moved to another site. However, this display of steam turbines was one of the first exhibits on the 1st floor. Enjoy
Steam Turbine & Generator Rotor on the Move from LSTG-273
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